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New & Renewable Energy

Opening up green future for the Republic of Korea.
"Gyeongsangbuk-do the Green Capital of the Republic of Korea" is becoming the driving force behind the "green energy" industry, based on the unlimited green values of the Nakdong River, Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, and the eastern coast.

Leading Korea's low-carbon, green growth

  • Domestic production of clean energy and green technologies
  • New engine for growth and jobs Promoting green energy policies and the best R&D and technological manpower

Major Energy Policies

  • Establishing an East Sea Energy Cluster
    • Period: 2006-2021 (15 years)
    • Budget: KRW 4.4 trillion
    • Location: Pohang (hydrogen fuel cells), Gyeongju (nuclear energy), Yeongdeok (wind energy), Uljin (marine energy)
    • Details: Establish specialized energy clusters by region
  • Attracting Leading Industries in the Wide Area Economic Region
    • Green energy: Solar PV system parts and materials, and hydrogenㆍfuel cells
    • IT convergence: Mobile convergence, medical equipment, and intelligent robots - Provide maximum KRW 5 billion for each company selected for an R&D project; establish an East Sea energy cluster
  • Establishing a New & Renewable Energy Testbed
    • Hydrogen fuel cells: Pohang area
    • Solar PV: Gumi area
    • International photovoltaic module testing and certification body: Yeungnam University

Major Investors

Foreign Companies
  • acciona
  • 서한NTN베어링
Korean Companies
  • LG전자
  • SK D&D
  • 코오롱건설
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