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Titanium & Carbon Materials

New materials: A major key to the 21st industry
Gyeongbuk, which has achieved great prosperity by the pioneering steel industry, will continue to upgrade and transform the region’s industrial base by fostering carbon and titanium industries.

Carbon Molding and Parts Industry Cluster

  • From 2017 to 2021, for a total cost of KRW 71.4 billion, and to feature 11 facilities to support 11 public R&D projects
  • Infrastructure for the analysis and commercialization of molded carbon parts designs to be established (from 2018 to 2022, for KRW 48.7 billion)
  • A certification center to facilitate the commercialization of molded carbon parts to be established in Gumi (KRW 25.5 billion)
  • A center providing technical support for the analysis of integrated carbon-molding designs to be established in Gyeongsan (KRW 23.2 billion)
  • Provincial Ordinance on Fostering and Supporting the Carbon Industry enacted by the Gyeongbuk legislature
  • The Integrated Carbon Material Research Cooperative established (with 135 businesses as members)
  • Research wings of international organizations hosted (CFK Valley from Germany, AMRC from the United Kingdom)
  • IT
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New Titanium Industry Belt

  • To be established in and around Pohang, from 2016 to 2024, for KRW 200 billion
  • R&D focus:
    • Titanium Promotion and Support Center
  • Ecosystem development:
    • Designating testing and certification agencies, establishing a specialized industrial cluster and a general solution center, and fostering workforces
  • Infrastructure development:
    • To feature a recycling center, a titanium industry research agency, etc.


Major Investors

  • 도레이첨단소재
  • BASF
  • 현대제철
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