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Biotechnology & Vaccines

Gyeongbuk emerging as a new leader of global biotechnology
Gyeongbuk awaits international investors to invest in cutting-edge biotechnology R&D facilities, specialized industrial clusters, and expansive industrial infrastructure for the province.

Impetus behind the Growth of Biotechnology and Vaccine Industries

  • National Vaccine Industry Cluster established in Andong:
    • KRW 102.9 billion invested in the establishment of an animal cell testing support center (to serve as a contract manufacturing organization for vaccine production)
  • A medical mold R&BD base established in Yeongcheon:
    • KRW 31.9 billion invested in equipment construction, technological development, commercialization support, etc.
  • Medical textile fusion material industry project (Gyeongsan):
    • KRW 45 billion to be invested in the creation of MedicalTex Plaza
  • Laying the foundation for improving the reliability and quality of ocular lenses (Gyeongsan):
    • KRW 21.2 billion to be invested in the creation of a convergence technology center, equipment construction, etc.

Andong Bio-Industry Valley

  • Gyeongbuk Bio-Industry Complex
    • Location: Pungsan-eup, Andong (941,000 ㎡)
    • Tenant industries: Vaccine, bio-materials, food, electronics, etc.
  • Bio-Venture Plaza
    • Location: Within Gyeongbuk Bio-Industry Complex (land: 27,000 ㎡; buildings: 6,000 ㎡)
    • Main features: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified facilities and equipment as well as apartment-type factories producing health supplements
  • Gyeongbuk Institute for Bio-Industry
    • Location: Songcheon-dong, Andong (land: 33,000 ㎡; buildings: 8,000 ㎡)
    • 40 tenant businesses employing 150+ employees together
    • Areas of research: Plant-based biotechnology, functional foods and health supplements, biotechnology, etc.
  • Andong Animal Cell Testing Support Center
    • Location: Pungsam-eup, Andong (within the Bio-Industry Valley)
    • Main function: To organize and support clinical trials on vaccines before they are taken onto the global market
    • ※ To be completed in 2019

Pohang Next-Generation Bio-Industry Valley

  • POSTECH Biotech Center
    • Location: Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)
    • Features: Biotech Center, Life Science Building, Chemistry Building
    • Areas of research: Molecular pharmaceuticals, nano- and plant-based biotechnology
    • Partnered with specialized biotechnology institutes and companies at home and abroad
  • Pohang Techno Park
    • Location: Jigok-dong, Pohang
    • Size: 187,000 ㎡ for land, 64,000 ㎡ combined for buildings
    • 59 tenant businesses employing 450+ employees together
    • Main areas of focus: Collaborative R&D projects, start-up incubation and support, training and education
    • Bioinformatics Construction Center: Specializing in testing the efficacy of bio-materials, equipment construction, and business support
  • Gyeongbuk New Drug Support Center
    • Location: POSTECH, Pohang
    • Size: Five floors (one under the ground), 11,550 ㎡ in total floor area
    • Main functions: Collaborative R&D projects, work spaces for pharmaceutical companies

K-Beauty Convergence Cluster in Gyeongsan

  • Project duration: Five years (2015–2019)
  • Location: Yugok-dong, Gyeongsan
  • Global Cosmetic Business Center: Center of industrial infrastructure
    • Size: 8,508 ㎡ in land, 4,600 ㎡ in total floor area (four floors, with one under the ground)
    • Project budget: KRW 20 billion (KRW 10 billion from the national government; KRW 3 billion from the provincial government; KRW 7 billion from the municipal government)
    • To feature cosmetic product testbeds, support joint R&D, and provide business support
  • Global Cosmetic Business Valley: An industrial complex specializing in cosmetics
    • 40 tenant businesses, over a total area of 1,650,000 ㎡
    • Boosting global prospects of tenant businesses by providing an integrated K-beauty platform and marketing support

Major Investors

  • SK케미칼 생명과학부문
  • 삼성메디슨
  • Omniherb
  • 삼성메디슨
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